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Ceramic restorations and dentures

Teeth Whitening

Quality teeth whitening

Oral surgery

Efficient and painless

Why choose us?

Highly trained dental team

We have carefully selected a professional team with whose help we provide the highest quality service to patients

Wide range of dental services

A wide range of services to our patients with modern procedures

Advanced dental treatments and equipment

Modern procedures in all areas of dentistry and materials that follow international standards

Guaranteed results

Efficiency and aesthetic appearance as well as good cooperation with the therapist are an integral part of our work


Oral surgery and implantology

Our extensive scale of experience in the field of oral surgery offers a solution to the problem, both in hard and soft tissues of the oral cavity in an efficient and painless manner.


Orthodontic treatment involves correcting malocclusion, which is the misalignment of a bite or incorrect spacing between teeth. This is usually accomplished through the use of Orthodontic braces.


Ceramic restorations and dentures. Creating fixed and removable restorations we solve aesthetic and functional problems caused by the loss of one or more teeth.


Preserving the health of the soft tissue and surgery on the soft tissue. Periodontics cares about the health of your soft tissue and supporting tissue of the tooth.

Children's Dentistry

Children as a specific group of our patients is always given a special attention in our office. All methods and instruments are tailored to their age and by their needs.

Conservative and Endodontics

By using proven materials and methods rehabilitate all types of carious lesions and provide care for teeth fillings, while endodontics provides reliable and safe treatment of infected root canal.

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